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3E (Elite Entertainment Enterprise) Nagaland is a sports event management group based in Kohima registered vide NO. HOME/SRC-6402 dated 24-08-2012 under Home Department, Govt. of Nagaland. The objective of the group is to take up areas of sports that require the least infrastructure and suit Nagas physically where there is scope of developing talented youngsters into professionals thereby creating avenues for alternative sources of sustenance.

Apart from indigenous wrestling, the group also organizes the Hornbill Half Marathon which is a regular feature of the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, held from 1st to 10th December every year.

The group also promotes other combat sports like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Taekwondo, Belt Wrestling, etc. In addition to this, 3E members have vast experience in organizing events in the field of education, environment and social issues.

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